1. the frame must fit your face properly
- use total width  to  find right size to your face

- measure old frame’s total width first and  find similar size(+/-  2mm) for new frame


2. some prescriptions may require a minimum depth or maximum frame width
- bifocal & progressive lens  require minimum frame depth( more than  27mm)


- If the prescription calls for strong lenses that are likely to be thick, it is important to  choose the frame opening as small as possible to eliminate thick lens edge


3. choose eyeglasses that suit your personality and life style
( how do I use my glasses? / what do I do for a living? / what are my interests? )
- businessperson : recognizable shape frame
- classic person: non-complicated shape frame
- creative person : modern shape frame

4. It is important that the glasses go with your coloring
( choose glasses that are in your best color range and that will work with the clothes you intend to wear them with )
-  for statement  : opposite color(dark skin : lighter color frame)
-  for compliment : similar color(dark skin : darker color frame)
-  for senior : avoid  silver, black, dark and dull color


5. the frame shape should contrast with face shape