What is automated sight testing

- fully automated using latest computer technology by licensed refracting optician.

- Opticians use automated-sight testing with customers who use corrective eyewear and want to replace or refresh their lenses.

- Automated sight-testing gives British Columbians a safe, cost-efficient choice for obtaining corrective lenses without the unnecessary time and cost of a personal visit to an ophthalmologist or optometrist

- Opticians are able to independently conduct sight-tests for clients who don’t need to check health of eye and aged 19-65 by new regulations (took effect on May 1 2010) by Ministry of Health Services in BC


No Safety Risk

- Automated sight-testing equipment poses no safety risk to British Columbians. In over 20 years and hundreds of thousands of uses in North America, there is not a single reported case of anyone being harmed by this technology

- Healthy adults do not need to be forced to have eye health examinations before getting corrective eyewear. The Canadian Ophthalmological Society guidelines recommend eye health exams for healthy adults, between the ages of 40-64, every 2-4 years and, for those 20-30 years of age, every 3-5 years.


Who will conduct my test?

- A specially trained refracting optician will conduct this test. A refracting optician is trained to conduct automated sight testing and to make and dispense corrective eyeglasses.


Instruments and components for sight tester we have

Our sight tester are composed of latest and world best brand instruments

- Automated refractor(Hoya)

- Autorefractor/keratometer(Nidec )

- Autolensometer

- Computer equipment(eyelogic system)

- Custom hardware interface